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How to ACTUALLY gain those 15 yards
The problem most golfers have is not a lack of information about how to hit further, nor is it a lack of proper equipment, the reason most golfers his the distance they do is because their training to gain distance involves swinging pretty hard at a bucket of balls and thinking they found a secret.
As the article says correcting a poor strike is the fastest way to pick up yards, but to push the parameters of your swing towards longer maximum drives you need to gain speed, it is not actually that hard if you are an average hitting golfer and you COMMIT to swinging faster.
I would highly recommend THE LONGDRIVE BIBLE by Sean Fister (You can find it on Amazon).
I am under 6 foot tall (Just) and at my fastest I could swing a 48 inch driver at 141mph on a Trackman. It was not by accident, yes i was blessed with good distance to begin, but i added a full 15mph to my swing speed, which is 40 to 45 yards over a period of around 20 months
(Kept a diary, yup i am quite focused!) 141mph was the fastest I ever got to, on other devices stupidly high readings over 150mph were a regular occurrence, but most of these readings are juiced to some degree, i was never even close to that!

You want power? 

Buy that book and thank me later

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