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FaceBook Golf pages
Hi all,
I am the owner of two golf sites on Facebook.

Golf Stuff To Buy And Sell under £150. : This is a great site for guys like you and I that cannot really afford lots of new stuff so therefore its ideal for grabbing something that you may have been thinking about but couldnt afford, that someone else has bought but no longer uses.
Simple rules : Must have a price ( NO OFFERS ). Must have an original Pic ( Not a pasted one. ). And must be £150 or under.
Please do not try and post an ad if you are looking for something ( See Underneath ) Its that simple.

If looking for equipment then please join my newer group : Golf equipment wanted or needed. This is a newer site but aimed at anyone who is looking for anything specific. There are a few of the guys are either Pro's or Recommended full time sellers so there is a good chance that one of them will have what you need or can supply it.

Many Thanks
Andy Millar.

If you were unable to post your links please let me know

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